Network intelligence at the nexus of global security + international commerce

Network intelligence at the nexus of global security + international commerce

Kharon Is

A research and data analytics company focused on global security threats and other controversies that impact global commerce and finance.
Underpinned by proprietary technology and teams of expert analysts, Kharon produces structured, qualitative research and analysis in a continually updated resource.
Empowering customers in their business operations, analytics and decision-making by making complex information accessible and actionable.

Kharon Matters

How do businesses use Kharon?

Kharon data and analytics are accessed through three integrated solutions that are designed to merge seamlessly with your organization’s operations and environments for screening, due diligence, investigations and training.

Kharon ClearView

Web-based investigation tool: Through Kharon ClearView, you can search names of individuals, entities or other identifier data, and quickly determine if the subject of the query is tied to a sanctioned actor. ClearView can be used for Know Your Customer (KYC), supply chain and vendor due diligence, and other investigative functions. Results are returned in easy to understand graphic link charts that can be shared with colleagues and printed in reports, complete with source references for a full document trail.

Kharon Dynamic Analytics

Data extracts for screening & analysis: The systems that screen your transactions, customers, and other commercial partners require top quality data to meet legal and regulatory requirements, and reduce false positives. Kharon Dynamic Analytics provides custom data extracts tailored to meet your screening or analytic requirements. Data extracts provided by Kharon can be limited to majority-owned subsidiaries of sanctioned actors, for example, or expanded to cover a broader set of material commercial associations.

Kharon Brief

Investigations, headlines and analysis: Stay current with up-to-date developments and go beyond the headlines with in-depth investigations and analysis from Kharon. With our proprietary data and analytics platform, we cover the most important issues at the intersection of global security and commerce, and keep you informed with critical insights that can impact your business from the C-suite down to the control framework.

KHARON ClearView
KHARON Dynamic Analytics
Due Diligence
Risk Assessment
Hidden Relationships
Sanctions-Related Screening
Current Trends
Business Intelligence
Reputational Risk
Efficiencies & Cost Savings
Risk Control Framework Enhanced

How does Kharon enhance your ability to manage risk?

Effective risk management requires data that is generated with superior analytic rigor. Whether your requirement is for financial crimes, sanctions, trade compliance, or other investment or business risk analysis, Kharon offers data-driven insights that provide awareness and assurance.

The Kharon platform covers all major threat areas addressed by global sanctions programs, from missile proliferation and human rights to terrorism and drug trafficking, from North Korea and Iran to Russia and Syria. Importantly, networks targeted by sanctions and other legal actions maintain subsidiaries, owners, officers, supply chains, logistics, financing and commercial activities that touch every major economic center.

Kharon empowers you to see risk indicators within your business - your customers, clients, partners, supply chains, projects or investments - that would otherwise remain hidden. Better analysis and better data quality results in more effective and efficient risk management.

What does Kharon do?

Kharon enables you to quickly surface and understand where a material nexus may exist between your customer, counterparty, partner, or vendor, and a sanctioned actor or jurisdiction.

Kharon’s approach to research and analysis utilizes open-source research methods, network analysis, and data analytics to generate insights into some of today's most complex policy, regulatory, and security issues.

Kharon research is always decision-neutral, enabling customers to make informed decisions in accordance with their own policies, procedures, risk profile and commercial priorities. 

If you have international interests and business relationships, Kharon represents a powerful tool enabling you to manage risk in accordance with your internal policies, and to transparently demonstrate performance to regulators and other stakeholders.

Kharon in Action

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