The definitive resource for understanding and managing sanctions-related risk

The definitive resource for understanding and managing sanctions-related risk

Kharon Is

A unique process of discovery and refinement, spanning all knowable records, sources, and data points.
Analyst-led, proprietary technology enhanced, targeted data analytics.
The most comprehensive, connected, continuously updated analytical toolset.

Kharon Matters

How do businesses use Kharon?

Kharon provides an integrated solution for managing sanctions-related risk® that is designed to fit seamlessly into your policies, procedures and internal controls. Choose from the following Kharon solutions to meet your operational needs:

Kharon ClearView

Search-based access to the entire body of Kharon research and analysis that has been led, reviewed and approved by Kharon experts. Review simple visual charts and detailed analyst notes to evaluate complex associations with sanctioned actors. Use ClearView for due diligence and enhanced due diligence, and to improve the quality and efficiency of investigations and escalations. Engage with Kharon experts for subject matter support.

Kharon Dynamic Analytics

Receive subsets of Kharon data tailored to your specific requirements, to enhance your risk screening filters and scoring systems. Reconcile legacy sanctions-related screening lists with Kharon data. Batch screen customers, counterparties, vendors or partners to identify potential exposure to sanctioned networks and jurisdictions.

Kharon Brief

Updates, insights and analysis featuring expert research on recent sanctions actions and sanctioned networks. Review in-depth information on the scope, impact and trends for each sanctions program, including risk typologies that highlight commercial activities.

KHARON ClearView
KHARON Dynamic Analytics
Due Diligence
Risk Assessment
Hidden Relationships
Sanctions-Related Screening
Current Trends
Business Intelligence
Reputational Risk
Efficiencies & Cost Savings
Risk Control Framework Enhanced

What is Kharon for enterprise?

Kharon provides reliable and actionable sanctions-related risk intelligence to financial services firms and other multinational institutions. Founded and led by former officials of the US Department of the Treasury, Kharon is the most comprehensive and reliable way to manage the risk of exposure to sanctioned networks and jurisdictions.

Kharon enables you to manage risk in accordance with your internal policies, and to transparently demonstrate performance to regulators and other stakeholders. The advent of Kharon fundamentally redefines what reasonably can be known about your customers, counterparties, partners and vendors and their associations with sanctioned actors and jurisdictions worldwide.

What does Kharon do?

The networks that surround sanctioned actors and jurisdictions can be complex and opaque, and include relationships that can go undetected even by mature risk control frameworks. Kharon enables you to quickly surface and understand nearly any material nexus between your customer, counterparty, partner, or vendor, and a sanctioned actor or jurisdiction.

Kharon is led by a highly trained, multilingual team of analysts whose findings are always backed by publicly available sources. Through exhaustive, detailed and technology-enhanced investigations, Kharon provides refined data — not big data — reflecting the analysis of our experts.

Kharon research is always decision-neutral, enabling customers to make informed decisions in accordance with their own policies, procedures, risk profile and commercial priorities.

Managing risk & security challenges

Beyond sanctions compliance, if you have international interests and business relationships, Kharon represents a powerful tool for understanding and managing risks to your organization. Global sanctions programs correspond with the most challenging problems on the global agenda and identify the key individuals and entities associated with them.

Kharon covers sanctions programs related to issues of terrorism, WMD and weapons proliferation, drugs and multinational crime, human rights violations, corruption and cyber threats, as well as country-focused sanctions programs on North Korea, Iran, Russia, Syria, Venezuela, Myanmar and Zimbabwe.

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