Public Sector


Public Sector

Advancing public sector outcomes.

Open source research and data on global security threats to support a broad spectrum of mission-oriented tasks.

Supporting public sector intelligence.

Kharon research and data complements public sector intelligence programs by capturing essential details in the public domain. Together, we help law enforcement, agencies, and regulators obtain a more comprehensive picture. No matter the mission type, our insight on global security threats can help you reach objectives more efficiently.

Uncover more insight in more places.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and expert analysis, we deliver dynamic, adaptable solutions that pinpoint actors and entities linked to security issues like sanctions, trade restrictions, financial crime, and more. Our technology suite includes GraphCast, a versatile data delivery system, and ClearView, a powerful investigative tool. These cutting-edge products are powered by The Kharon Core—the premier analytics engine focused on global risk.

Research and technology that adapts to your needs.

With the support of Kharon's research and technology, public sector entities can achieve a broader perspective and make more informed decisions. Our comprehensive insights lead to a deeper understanding of risk-relevant entities and actors, ultimately driving more precise, efficient, and effective outcomes.

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Our Products


The industry leading solution for investigations and analyses. Visualize and understand the connections between risk-relevant parties in a single, powerful platform.
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Our Products


Targeted insights critical for your business and use case, straight from the Kharon Core. Whether looking for insights on sanctions ownership or control, forced labor, Russia, military end use, evasion tactics, or more, GraphCast gives you the world’s best risk data with minimal friction.
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