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Kharon GraphCast provides data extracts formatted and delivered for seamless integration with your existing screening systems. Select from a list of risk themes and typologies that meet your screening requirements, including 50-Plus, Forced Labor, Russia, MEU, Control, Maritime, and more.

Global insight at your fingertips.

Direct access to the world’s deepest data on entities, actors, and regions impacted by global sanctions programs and trade restrictions.

The bridge to clarity.

Seamlessly connect your organization to the Kharon Core—the premier global risk analytics platform.

See beyond boundaries.

Find new vantage points by merging your business data with the Kharon Core.

No compromises.

Supercharge your existing screening, analytics and AI systems with the most comprehensive risk intelligence data available.

Optimized decision making.

Seamless and essential insights that let you act quickly and confidently.

It’s more than data.

It’s targeted insights critical for your business and use case, straight from the Kharon Core. Whether looking for insights on sanctions ownership or control, forced labor, Russia, military end use, evasion tactics, or more.

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