Forced Labor


Forced Labor

Progress and performance made possible.

Combining deep insight and world-class technology for more sustainable,
higher-performing supply chains.

The key to effective forced labor mitigation.

Kharon’s unique research methodology identifies forced labor risks at the source—giving you instant insight into hidden import compliance risks. Our data provides critical and comprehensive information about thousands of individuals, companies, and state-owned or affiliated enterprises.

Operate ahead of expectation.

Identifying and understanding sources of forced labor risks before they become exposures lets you stay a step ahead of requirements and penalties imposed by regulations like the UFLPA. Combined with our ecosystem of supply chain technology partners, our solutions provide the flexibility and scale you need to prevent unexpected supply chain disruptions.

Supporting the champions of change.

Reduce reputational risks and minimize costly and disruptive detainments with Kharon’s Forced Labor solution—the essential element to worldwide supply chain integrity. We give you the tools and technology to create a supply chain that’s built for tomorrow and operational today.

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The industry leading solution for investigations and analyses. Visualize and understand the connections between risk-relevant parties in a single, powerful platform.
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Targeted insights critical for your business and use case, straight from the Kharon Core. Whether looking for insights on sanctions ownership or control, forced labor, Russia, military end use, evasion tactics, or more, GraphCast gives you the world’s best risk data with minimal friction.
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