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Access our web-based search and data visualization platform Kharon ClearView for KYC, investigations, and analysis to check if your customers, supply chains, or other individuals or entities of interest are associated with sanctioned or trade-restricted parties.

Illuminate hidden pathways to risk

Search any actor, entity, or asset and unveil intricate webs of connections. Build corridors, visualize historical data, and discover the hidden details that can safeguard your organization.

Research Refined: Annotate, Collaborate, and Consult in a single platform

Seamlessly annotate your findings, engage in important conversation threads with colleagues, and even submit research inquiries without leaving the app.

Sharper perspectives

ClearView's dynamic visualization engine goes beyond charts and graphs, weaving intricate visual narratives that unravel the complexities of potential customers and counterparties. Gain deeper insights into risks, and make informed decisions with confidence and precision.

Strategic insights at lightning speed.

World-class data combined with a powerful visual analytics engine that gives you an unrivaled 360-degree view of your business risk.

Follow the thread.

Instantly separate risk from opportunity, and understand the broader networks surrounding specific entities and individuals that impact your business.

Superior data. Transformational results.

The ultimate tool for KYC, investigations, and analysis. Protect your business and stakeholders from individuals or entities associated with sanctioned or trade-restricted parties.

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