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Kharon Core

Insight, unleashed

Our industry-leading research methodology combines the world’s top analysts and data scientists with powerful technology, giving you unparalleled insight into complex risk typologies.

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The Kharon Core

The Core is the centerpiece of our platform, and gives organizations the power to transform how they make crucial decisions.

A living analytic environment.

The world’s most comprehensive data on risk-relevant entities and their surrounding networks. Meticulously researched and constantly refined.

Details that matter.

The Kharon Core goes beyond mapping connections, and includes the deepest possible research and insight on risk-relevant entities — allowing you to make informed decisions with confidence.

An information chain reaction

Seeing the opportunity to leverage technology and reimagine traditional research methodology, we created The Kharon Core—an unmatched living analytic environment harnessing the collective insight from the world's most sophisticated analysts.

Ignited by combining world class research and cutting edge tech.

Expert analysts and advanced technology come together, producing a limitless supply of crucial insight through comprehensive research, real-time analysis, data science, and carefully engineered information architecture.

Data that’s effective, not excessive.

In a world burdened by information overload, it's time for a more focused and efficient approach. In compliance, exceptional outcomes now emerge from refined, relevant insight. Our research process means that crucial data points on corporate records, ownership, current and former relationships, aliases, and more are highly targeted—so you can prevent information gridlock for critical risk management functions.

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