Sanctioned Securities

Sanctioned Securities

The world’s most comprehensive and refined sanctioned securities data set

Navigate the intricate landscape of pre-trade transaction monitoring, exclusions and financial crimes compliance with our unparalleled Sanctioned Securities solution, expertly engineered for financial industry professionals to solve some of the industry’s most complex risk management challenges.

Our solution screens over 18 million active securities, and constituent holdings of over 300,000 funds, letting you instantly discern and mitigate potential exposure to sanctioned issuers and securities.

Key features of our Sanctioned Securities data:

True Sanctions Expertise

Kharon is the industry leader in providing comprehensive data and analytics on companies directly or indirectly impacted by sanctions. This expertise includes issuers that are blacklisted by name, majority owned by one or more sanctioned actors, listed in sanctioned jurisdictions, or derive the majority of revenue from sanctioned jurisdictions.

Comprehensive Securities Coverage

The solution covers the broadest range of securities, including equities, bonds, funds, derivatives, and other financial instruments linked to sanctioned entities.

Verifiable Data

For every ISIN or CUSIP provided by Kharon, we provide complete traceability on the sanctions authority and program, and the underlying evidence relevant to establishing the sanctioned status. This data is accessed through our data feed, and through our transformative user interface Kharon ClearView.

Elimination of Noise

Kharon’s cutting edge sanctions ownership research and precision of data reporting capabilities ensure that you receive exactly and only the data you need. The result is a substantial reduction in operational noise from false positives, and extraneous and chaotic data.


Our Sanctioned Securities solution is expertly designed to provide precise, comprehensive, and timely insights essential for compliance and risk management, and reinforce the integrity of your organization.

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