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Financial Crimes Compliance


Financial Crimes Compliance

Insight without equal.

The world’s most comprehensive data and technology for financial crimes compliance.
Sanctions Compliance

Comprehensive sanctions compliance starts here.

It's time for change.

Don’t be held back by static lists and unwieldy datasets, and adopt a more dynamic and sophisticated approach to compliance. Kharon data and technology solutions provide curated, real-time insight on ownership, control relationships, and more.

Go beyond legacy data solutions.

Experience unparalleled efficiency and enhanced outcomes with Kharon's groundbreaking insights. Our enriched datasets eliminate the need for unnecessary intervention and analysis across all aspects of compliance—from screening to investigations and escalations. Experience the benefits of better data that streamlines your processes and delivers superior results.

Transform your sanctions compliance program.

Tap into the deepest insight on the broadest range actors implicated by global sanctions programs. Whether harnessing our data in an existing screening system, or using Kharon ClearView for deeper analysis—we give you the technology and perspective to empower your organization with a transformed sanctions program.

A step change for KYC.

Global insight at your fingertips.

Our industry-leading research methodology combines the world’s top analysts and data scientists with powerful technology, giving you unparalleled visibility into global actors affected by sanctions programs and other regulatory or security issues.

See the whole truth, in complete detail.

See new details that let you identify patterns, connections, and themes about customers and vendors. Whether implementing static screening, enhanced due diligence, investigations, or other essential KYC functions—Kharon data gives you the entire picture about ownership, control relationships, military end use, forced labor and human rights, and more.

Definitive precision, unparalleled outcomes.

Solutions that result in optimized results and work rate for critical KYC functions. By leveraging one of our industry-leading datasets for an existing screening tool, or harnessing the exploratory power of Kharon ClearView, we equip you with the unrivaled insights and tools to transform the most crucial aspects of your overall financial crimes compliance program.

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The industry leading solution for investigations and analyses. Visualize and understand the connections between risk-relevant parties in a single, powerful platform.
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Our Products


Targeted insights critical for your business and use case, straight from the Kharon Core. Whether looking for insights on sanctions ownership or control, forced labor, Russia, military end use, evasion tactics, or more, GraphCast gives you the world’s best risk data with minimal friction.
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