Military End Use


Military End Use

The key to counterparty clarity.

Comprehensive global insight for navigating military-civil fusion and end-use governance.

Understand the implications of every business relationship.

Counterparties implicated by export control restrictions can expose organizations to severe enforcement repercussions and tarnish their reputations. By providing products, services, or financing to these entities without the proper controls framework, companies may find themselves breaching rapidly evolving export control laws like the Military End Use (MEU) rule.

Comprehensive insight for a complex world.

Our MEU screening solution provides the deepest possible understanding of entities that might fall under export controls in countries like China, Russia, Venezuela, Myanmar, and Belarus—so you can spot undetected risk indicators, fully understand your customers and end users, and make confident choices about your operations.

Protect your brand. Grow with confidence.

Navigating the ever-evolving MEU laws is no longer business as usual, and many organizations risk being caught off guard. Our solution empowers you to grow confidently and proactively protect your enterprise against penalties and reputational risk.

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Targeted insights critical for your business and use case, straight from the Kharon Core. Whether looking for insights on sanctions ownership or control, forced labor, Russia, military end use, evasion tactics, or more, GraphCast gives you the world’s best risk data with minimal friction.
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