Navigate complex global sanctions
on Russia

Kharon’s Russia dataset includes the commercial operations and global holdings of sanctioned Russian financial institutions, key oligarchs and their associates, and strategic industry verticals such as defense and energy, and spans corporate structures, trading partners, and supply chains.

Kharon data is industry-leading in breadth, precision, and timeliness. The largest financial institutions, corporates, and public sector agencies rely on Kharon to make quicker, more informed decisions.

Following each new sanctions listing, Kharon promptly delivers updated data and intelligence, protecting our customers from hidden risk and keeping them ahead of the sanctions and regulatory curve.


Enhanced and comprehensive data solutions
to protect your enterprise

Kharon's clients have access to the most comprehensive and detailed data covering the extensive ownership and control structures and commercial networks of Russian actors that are sanctioned, as well as those that do not appear on a sanctions list but can present equal or greater compliance challenges under OFAC's 50 Percent Rule, military end use restrictions, or otherwise. Kharon provides the intelligence you need to effectively screen customers, payments, and trade finance data for sanctions risk, while minimizing operational costs.




Screen for restricted parties
and red flags

  • Corporate structures of sanctioned entities, including subsidiaries, parent companies, and leadership
  • State-owned enterprises, including ownership and control networks of sanctioned Russian government entities and branches
  • Holdings of sanctioned Russian oligarchs and political actors, along with their close business associates and family members
  • Subsidiaries and holdings of entities subject to sectoral sanctions
  • Entities located in or with ties to geographical sources of risk, including Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk
  • Corporate structures, supply chains, and customer relationships of Russia-based military end users and their subsidiaries
  • Russian cyber, media, and disinformation networks
  • Enterprises subject to export and trade restrictions

Case study: Sanctioned Russian oligarch's global holdings

Case study: Sanctioned Russian oligarch's global holdings

Sanctioned Russian oligarch Alexei Aleksandrovich Mordashov is the majority owner of several export companies based in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. through Russia-based Severstal PAO, according to corporate records and publicly available financial disclosures reviewed by Kharon. Severstal is majority owned in the aggregate by three Cyprus-registered holding companies that are each owned 50 percent or more by Russia-based Severgroup LLC. Severgroup in turn is majority owned by Russia-based Severblago LLC, of which Mordashov is the sole owner.